1. 1000 Instances of Grief
    Ghost Dance

  2. Still Life With Juggling Brick
    Neural Goldberg

  3. 11th Anniversary
    Phoned Nil Trio

  4. Electrics
    Warren Enström

  5. Double Gesture
    Normal Rituals

  6. Woodland Synthesis
    C. Vadi

  7. Hot Singles in Your Area
    Territorial Gobbing

  8. Moth Bucket/Women of the Pore split
    Moth Bucket/Women of the Pore

  9. Fitness is...

  10. Live from the no judgement zone: mapping the sonic ecologies of southeastern wisconsin’s planet fitness locations
    The members and employees of Planet Fitness

  11. Loss of Innocence
    Blessed Sacrifist

  12. Solo for Fake Fireplace
    Peter J. Woods

  13. The Buster Keaton Maneuver
    Bridges of Königsberg

  14. S/T
    Normal Rituals

  15. Honoring a Bird: March 21st, 2001
    Phoned Nil Trio

  16. Shorter Flagpoles
    Peter J. Woods

  17. Generation / Moon Inside
    Eli Smith

  18. Noumena/Bruises
    C. Olivia Valenza

  19. Cthonios
    Pleasure Thief

  20. Space Album/Smell Where the Real Power Is

  21. Mind Eraser
    Kyle Flanagan


  23. We Made Some Sounds

  24. Considered Parallel to Borders (Or Dividers)
    Bridges of Königsberg

  25. Today Is Horrible
    Peter J. Woods

  26. To Those Who Murder Bison From the Train

  27. NWOMHN

  28. Submission of Archival Sonic Documentation: Riverwest, WI 2017-2018
    Bachelorette Party

  29. As Within So Without
    Andrea Pensado

  30. The Harbinger
    August Traeger

  31. The Crusher

  32. X Means Not Welcome, vol. II

  33. Collected Discography: 1983-2017
    Raffle House

  34. Thank you for the Pickles- Lu
    Dan of Earth

  35. Downgraded Saved Arrow
    A Bleaker Teen Lip

  36. GUNK

  37. Rock & Roll Can and Will Heal Us
    Andrew Weathers

  38. Sitting on Sandwiches / Folk & Gravel
    Crank Sturgeon


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